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What Does A Healthy Smile Look Like?

A Dazzling Smile Looks Healthy

Donning a dazzling white smile doesn’t just show the world how healthy your teeth and gums are, your dental health also plays a significant role in how confident you feel.

Have you ever had yellowing teeth or maybe a discolored tooth or two?

Yellow Teeth 300x283 What Does A Healthy Smile Look Like?

If so, you were probably pretty self-conscious about it. And if you’re self conscious about your smile then you’re not going to feel so great about your appearance when interacting with others.

With this smile self-esteem question in mind, we’d like to expand on this article from to hear psychologist Ann Demarais, Ph.D., and dental hygienist Kristy Menage Bernie give the scoop on why having a great smile matters – and how to get your pearly whites looking their brightest.

It has been said that simply by smiling we can instantly improve our mood, but research also shows that the better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself, explains Demarais.

“When your teeth look white and sparkly, you can relax, be in the moment and laugh. You are more confident and radiant,” she says, adding that the mere act of putting your mouth in the shape of a smile changes the blood flow to the brain and actually makes you feel happier.

The fact that smiling itself boosts your mood has a further positive impact because smiling has a contagious effect.

woman with big smile 400x266 What Does A Healthy Smile Look Like?

“When you smile, others are more likely to smile back, and are more drawn to you, thereby increasing your confidence and happiness even more.” Read More

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Back To School Smiles

Back to school season is on top of us already, can you believe it?

It seems like just five or six weeks ago we were talking about how summer is the smile season, and our favorite things about summer that make us smile.

OK, maybe it was exactly that long ago…but who’s counting.

Despite our best efforts to keep the days long and our sleeves short, autumn is just around the corner. Schools across the county will be starting up very soon, some as early as mid-August and others not until after the long Labor Day weekend.

back to school 400x267 Back To School Smiles

Before we welcome in the leaves changing colors and start passing out enough Halloween treats to trick the cavity creeps into thinking we don’t care about our kid’s teeth, let’s look at why back to school season is the perfect time for a dental checkup, cleaning, and exam. Read More

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26 Astonishing Facts About The Tongue

Tongue Facts: Which Is The Most Shocking?

Black Lab Tongue 300x300 26 Astonishing Facts About The TongueWe’ve all seen dogs with their tongues hanging out of their mouths, but the reason why may surprise you.
This is because during periods of exertion or high temperatures a dog’s tongue increases in size as it exercises due to greater blood flow, and the moisture on the tongue works to cool this blood flow, thus cooling down the dog.
So cut Buster a break next time he’s wagging his tongue more than his tail – he’s just trying to cool off a bit..

10 Facts About The Human Tongue

The tongue is an organ, just like our heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other essential organs of the human body.

Our tongue is the primary organ of the human body responsible for our sense of taste; there are five elements of how humans perceive taste: salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and umami (or savory).

The tongue also has the astonishing ability to heal faster than any other part of our body, and half of the bacteria found in our mouths is housed on the tongue.

The tongue actually aids in cleaning our teeth after eating, and also plays a major role in our ability to speak.

We all need our tongues to eat, taste, speak, & swallow, but did you now our tongue prints are as unique as our fingerprints?

This is due to variations in size, width, and the amount of taste buds, making each of our tongues as different as a snowflake. The human tongue has on average 3,000 – 10,000 taste buds.

Although sticking our tongue out at someone could certainly be considered childish and offensive, in Tibet sticking out your tongue is a considered a greeting.

Despite the popular debate between tongue rollers and those incapable of doing so, the ability to roll your tongue is NOT genetically determined, studies with identical twins have proven such.

15 More Staggering Stats About The Tongue

Check out the following infographic to see 15 more facts you may not have known about the tongue: Read More

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Do This Don’t Do That With Your Teeth

Dos & Don’ts For Healthy Teeth

When it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums, can you read the signs?

Our teeth are pretty incredible when we stop to think about it, our teeth are pretty tough – given what we put them through and how they serve our quality of life on the regular.

Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, they’re no match for neglect, misuse, or downright abuse.

DO Brush Them 2-3 Times Per Day

And for two minutes each round – ideally after every meal.

“Make sure you wait 30 to 60 minutes after each meal, which gives the acidity time to neutralize and the teeth time to remineralize,” says Debra Gray King, DDS, FAACD, of the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Read More

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Mobile Dentist Treats SF Bay Area Techs In One Sweet RV…

The following post was syndicated from CBS San Francisco. We just think it’s super cool and wanted to share.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Bay Area tech companies offer perks like free lunches, on site dry cleaning and car washes as incentives to keep up employee productivity, and now they’re bringing the dentist to the office.

Studio Dental partners with companies like San Francisco’s Tagged by bringing a dental office on wheels to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The 250 square foot dental truck is a convenience that employees love. Tagged employee Jeffrey Ouyand was able to see the dentist and be back behind his desk in 45 minutes. The average time it takes to go see a dentist can be 3 to 4 hours.

Tagged spokeman Steve Sarner said the visiting dental office gives their employees a better work life balance.

Dr. Sara Creighton said the companies they partner with help streamline appointments and insurance processing. The mobile dental unit has two chairs and can treat over 100 patients a week. Employees don’t pay a dime since their company insurance covers their treatments.

Studio Dental can handle treatments from teeth cleaning, root canals, and even veneers.

DPN Blog Post CTA DentalPlans Mobile Dentist Treats SF Bay Area Techs In One Sweet RV...

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6 Foods That Are (Mostly) Good For Us But Can Be Bad For Our Teeth

We all know the obvious offenders that are all too inviting to the cavity creeps; sweets, sodas, & energy drinks…among others.

But did you know some foods that are considered healthy can also be bad for our teeth?

6 Healthy Foods That Can Be Bad For Our Teeth

1. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits 300x200 6 Foods That Are (Mostly) Good For Us But Can Be Bad For Our Teeth

Sure, vitamin C is good for us – and our smiles, but taking in too much citrus fruit can have detrimental effects on the health of our teeth and gums.

“The problem with eating too much citrus fruits – or drinking too much lemon water – is that the acids can soften and erode tooth enamel,” says NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Rastegar. “Once tooth enamel is gone, it doesn’t grow back.”

You can read ABC News’ syndication of this original Women’s Health article here.

Lemons and limes are especially harsh, as are citrus fruit juices of any kind (since they’re concentrated and high in sugar). In fact, a 2011 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that grapefruit juice is nearly as erosive as Coca-Cola.

So take it easy on the citrus fruits…scurvy shouldn’t be that big of a concern these days!

2. Almonds

ALMONDS 300x200 6 Foods That Are (Mostly) Good For Us But Can Be Bad For Our Teeth

We should all know by now how healthy almonds are for us, this superfood is high in “good fats” and vitamin E – which is good for our skin.

But constant crunching on almonds can damage our teeth, how you ask?

Because whole almonds are hard, and they can actually chip or fracture teeth when vigorously chomping away on these healthy nuts. Choose the sliced variety instead and skip the potential tooth trauma. Read More

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