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What Is a Root Canal?

Root Canal Myths & Truths

In case you missed our last installment of enthralling root canal news in this post, let’s answer that question immediately.

A root canal is a dental procedure to remove the infected tooth pulp when it gets infected due to a cavity or trauma.

A root canal is a procedure done to save the damaged or dead pulp in the root canal of the tooth. (Source: Academy of General Dentistry) Read More

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What To Do If You Have A Dental Emergency And Can’t Get To The Dentist Immediately

Not only are they hazardous to your smile, but dental disasters are never anticipated and highly inconvenient. Yet, they can occur anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.

In the event of such emergencies, — like a crown unexpectedly falling out or the sudden onset of a severe toothache — it’s not always possible to squeeze in a short-notice appointment with your dentist.

However, taking quick action to manage the pain is urgent, and the following tips will help with that until you can schedule a proper dental visit. Read More

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What Can You Do In 2 Minutes?

Madison Ave NYC Dentist Shares the Most Important 2 Minutes of the Day

Two measly minutes…that’s all it takes to brush your teeth.

Do it two times a day, for two minutes at a clip – along with daily flossing – and you’ll be well on your way to not only optimal oral (& overall) health, but saving money on healthcare as well!

Along with potentially saving $1000s on oral & overall healthcare, regular brushing & flossing can prevent nasty bacteria that could actually become so toxic as to enter our bloodstream & lead to all types of overall health maladies. Read More

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5 Reasons Why the 4th of July Makes Us Smile

4th of July Smiles

We’re all already well aware that summer is officially the smile season, right?

Now that doesn’t mean autumn isn’t awesome, spring doesn’t provoke a significant amount of smiles, or that winter smiles are watered down. Read More

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Why Is Summer a Good Time to See Your Dentist?

Summertime is Dental Checkup Time

It’s not like we should need a good time to see our dentist, but for most of us convenience is a key factor.

With everything else going on in life, sometimes scheduling – and/or keeping – that dentist appointment can prove challenging at best.

But summer is the smile season, and you shouldn’t neglect your smile just because there’s too much other stuff to do. Read More

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3 Reasons Why Straight Teeth Equals a Healthy Smile

Straight Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

Having straight teeth isn’t just for looks, having properly aligned teeth is a major factor in maintaining both optimal oral health – and overall health.

According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental health.

Crooked Teeth Are Unhealthy Teeth

Lots of readers may have had braces when they were younger, but these days just as many adults are undergoing orthodontic care to bring their bite back into alignment and to straighten out their smiles.

There are several advantages dental patients receive by having their teeth shifted back into proper alignment with orthodontic or Invisalign treatment.

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite—straight teeth that properly meet opposing teeth in the opposite jaw.

A properly aligned bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew, and speak. Read More

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