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How Is Xylitol Bad for Dogs?

Yes, Xylitol Is Bad For Dogs

Most dog owners know there are certain foods that we as humans love, but are quite dangerous to our dogs.

Chocolate comes to mind immediately, but did you know that xylitol is bad for dogs?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Xylitol is present in many products and foods for human use, but can have devastating effects on your pet.

From newspaper to pillows, shoes, & slippers, it seems there’s nothing a dog won’t eat.

So how do you protect your pooch from getting a hold of xylitol? …Whatever that is exactly.

What Is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that may be found in many household products & foods.

According to, Xylitol is a type of sweetener called a sugar alcohol and is found in some plants.

It looks and tastes like sugar, but has 40% fewer calories. Good for humans, but xylitol is bad for dogsRead More

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Is Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Safe & Effective?

Is  activated charcoal teeth whitening safe

Charcoal Teeth Whitening?

So let’s get this straight, people use charcoal for teeth whitening purposes?

Aside from the obvious oxymoronic observations, why is charcoal – or to be completely accurate, activated charcoal – used for teeth whitening purposes?

With endless aisles of toothpaste, floss & mouthwash at our trusty neighborhood grocer – along with rows of teeth whitening gels, strips & trays – some of us think charcoal teeth whitening is the pathway to a whiter smile?

Where are all of the dentists during this DIY teeth whitening charcoal craze?

Is Teeth Whitening With Activated Charcoal Safe & Effective?


What Is Activated Charcoal & Why Is It Used for Teeth Whitening?

That was a question to answer a question that doesn’t answer either question, followed by a question, then another question, in case you didn’t notice.

Now for some answers, Read More

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Can Swimming Pools Damage Tooth Enamel?

Do swimming pools damage tooth enamel

Tooth Enamel Erosion & Swimming Pools

It’s summertime, who doesn’t want to go in the pool?

Well maybe that childhood friend you had with the in-ground pool…who never wanted to go swimming!

Aside from the beach, lake, river, or any other aquatic respite from the summer heat, lounging in the pool is something we can all relate to.

Whether we’re floating on a raft, bellying up to the bar, or exercising, swimming pools offer a cool, healthy summertime activity.

Swimming is a great total body workout that burns tons of calories, but is it completely safe for your smile? Read More

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Will Clear Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Clear Coffee Stained Teeth

Coffee Lovers With Stained Teeth Rejoice

Do you love that morning (or evening…or anytime) cup of coffee, but hate the way it stains your teeth?

What would you say if we told you that there’s a coffee out there that won’t stain your teeth over time?

Well, your dreams just came true…Clear Coffee is here!

Clear coffee is now a reality thanks to the makers of CLR CFF, which claims to be the first colorless coffee drink in the World.

What Is Clear Coffee & Why Won’t It Stain Your Teeth?

It’s coffee, just clear.

Supposedly it’s the full-bore, high-octane, caffeine-laden kind coffee connoisseurs crave, but we haven’t yet had the pleasure to empirically make that determination ourselves. Read More

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Dentists Detect More Than Cavities

Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Get Screened for Oral Cancer

48,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year.

If you’ve used tobacco or had a history of HPV, you’re at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer.

Fortunately, it can be detected early. Your dentist can be the key to your diagnosis.

Since April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we thought it timely to share some #socialdentistry.

6 Symptoms of Oral Cancer


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Burger King Releases Whopper Flavored Toothpaste!

Burger King® Whopper® Flavored Toothpaste

Do you just LOVE that flame-grilled Whopper flavor so much that you want that taste in your mouth all day long?

Well you’re in luck, Burger King has the answer. They just blew everyone’s mind with their new Whopper flavored Toothpaste!

Imagine that clean, fresh feeling after brushing your teeth with Whopper toothpaste lasting all day long.

Or, at least until you wash it down with some fresh-squeezed orange juice…According to the Burger King YouTube channel, WHOPPER® TOOTHPASTE is the first toothpaste that keeps your mouth Whopper fresh.

With it’s flame-grilled micro-granules, enriched with sesamium seeds, Burger King’s Whopper Toothpaste promises to contribute to your oral health with advanced Whopper® Diffusion Technology that will help keep your breath Whopper fresh longer than ever!

But, don’t just take our word for it, listen to what real users say about their experience with Burger King’s Whopper Toothpaste… Read More

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