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3 Ways to Remove Your Kid’s Loose Tooth

Posted on January 7, 2015 | in Dentistry for Kids | by

3 DIY Loose Tooth Removal Videos

Loose Tooth Removal Tricks
Do you remember how much stress and energy you expended as a kid when you came to the realization that you had a loose tooth?

Some common removal tactics ranged from tooth twine to downright trickery…but however we struggled, that loose tooth just wouldn’t snug up and stay in there, no way – it HAD TO COME OUT!

The worry surrounding exactly when and how the loose tooth in question was to be removed approached epic proportions.

A little wiggle here or maybe a tug there was all that was really needed to pull the loose little bugger, but the mental anguish that surrounded such an ordeal was monumental.

The funny thing is it was ALWAYS way less painful than expected, and we loved showing off our gap tooth grin with a smile!

Vote for Your Favorite Loose Tooth Removal Video

Enjoy these three short tooth removal videos, then vote on which one you think makes the best DIY method for removing a loose tooth!

Dad Removes Son’s Loose Tooth with a Golf Ball & Dental Floss

This rather resourceful Dad in Tennessee decides to tee one up in order to remove his son’s stubborn loose tooth.

In the video posted to YouTube on Dec. 30, Phil Smith takes some dental floss and ties one end to his son Noah’s tooth and the other to a golf ball he tees up in the front yard.

You can figure out the rest…


Loose Tooth Removal by the Dog Dentist?

Watch Clancy the Cairns Terrier make like a Greyhound and take off with this kid’s formerly loose, then almost lost, tooth…Or is he a Sheltie, Scottie, Westie, or Corgie?

Either way, what do you think happens when, as Dad asks, “…you have a loose tooth, and a ball, and a psychotic dog that absolutely loves a ball…”

Is Clancy the first Doggie Dentist?


Loose Tooth Removal by Nerf® Gun

So as the video suggests, when we do the loose tooth removal math of a Nerf® Gun + dental floss + loose tooth, we will probably wind up with a nice little trinket for the tooth fairy.

In this video it seems this kid thought up this loose tooth removal method sans the assistance of a crafty Dad or certainly even a more pragmatic parent – Mom.

Check out the super slo-motion replay for an added dose of dazzling DIY loose tooth removal cinematic experience.


So Which Loose Tooth Removal Method Do You Like Best?

Or leave a comment and share some other interesting, funny, or even disgusting tooth removal methods you may have experienced as a child.

One thing is for certain with all of these loose tooth removal methods, The Tooth Fairy made out with her toothy booty!
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