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A Horse Walks Into A Dental Office…

Posted on January 24, 2013 | in Dental Humor, Oral Systemic Dentistry | by

A Horse Walks Into A Dental Office…
Who knew equine dentistry was such an exploding field?

That’s no punch line either, according to this recent news story out of Texas – well the video is from Florida but they must do it in Texas too – horse dentists are in high demand.

Commonly referred to as ‘floating’ a horse’s teeth, a practice said to once be reserved only for the most pompous of polo ponies out there, with more exposure of the practice we’re able to learn how the benefits of having your horse dentist walk into the equine office become a lot more clear than perhaps the less than indistinguishable if not reminiscent odor.

And that’s no dog and pony show.

It wouldn’t matter if we’re talking about what some folk may refer to as a poor paltry plug at the glue factory stockyard, or fortunate first-rate filly donning the pretty blue ribbon, it’s a money and dental health equals overall health equation – much like it is in humans.

As we’re learning more about the benefits of equine dentistry, we can take better care of our horses and at the same time save money on possible future physiological maladies.

You don’t have a horse, how to make cents of all this?

We as humans ultimately spend less money on oral health too – and overall health – by taking care of ourselves, eating right, & saddling up on dental health.

It’s the penny wise pound foolish dental equals overall health oral systemic dentistry type thing, and it’s no different for horses.

OK maybe more likely the “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” adage, thanks to the veterinary experts over at OK State. Click over and check out what they say about the role equine dental benefits play in extending your horse’s life.

What are we talking about when it gets down to the brass tack?

Take if from the horse dentist’s mouth…

“It can cost anywhere between $100 and $200 per horse to visit the equine dentist, but horse owners say it is worth every penny.”

“Absolutely; we see it 100 fold come back. The training is easier. They process their food better and they waste a lot less and they just seem much happier.”, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

While there certainly are cost differences between equine dentistry and the human kind – a horse is a horse, of course – the overall win-win common denominator benefits remain equal, save money by taking better care of ourselves and our animal friends.

Whether its industrial strength medieval looking grinders and spreaders or a strict 2x daily Bluetooth enabled app powered toothbrush followed by bacon flossing routine complemented with an adhered to 6 month cleaning regimen, oral healthcare won’t take such a big bite out of our wallets if we let it ride on dental health.

These horse jokes do anything for you?

Image: BBC

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