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About Us is brought to you by the Social Dental Network. Our primary goal is to communicate easily accessible, socially sharable local dental health news by enabling the digital conversation between dentists and the rest of us…dental patients.

Throughout time man’s search for meaning has tackled many difficult questions.

Is the moon made out of cheese?

When a tree falls in the forest, and there is nobody there to witness it, does it still make a sound?

Man has searched for, and found, meaning on many different levels.

What the Social Dental Network hopes to further explore here is the search for a comfortable, convenient, pain-free, and informative, but not overbearing, visit to the dentist for the average patient.

For a lot of people, the dentist’s chair is a place to be avoided at all costs – like some kind of medieval torturous lounge recliner; complete with piercing beams of white-hot light, an array of spelunking tools, and giant sucking sounds.

Not a welcoming place to say the least, warranting a very reluctant visit, often times only after the most intense pain has become all but unbearable.

We’re here to change that Middle Ages mentality, and knock some dust off the ol’ dental armor while we’re at it. You see, you may not know this – but dentists have been getting a bad rap for some time now.

And we think it’s time to change the writing on the wall, time to enact dental change in the hearts and minds of our local communities, time to tackle the biggest challenge we have faced since the abscessed 3rd molar!

The Social Dental Network will get on that soapbox; we will stand on that wall, and defend the dental nation against this Anti (Social) Dentistry philosophy that has pervaded the public thinking for so long!

Our dentists can now emerge from the shadows to broadcast their social supremacy and come together with their local communities as partners in change.

With our combined efforts, dentists can once again bask in the glow of tooth jockey super heroes we rely on (twice annually) to fight off the cavity creeps.

They can, and we will – but it is incumbent upon the community to join forces with our local dentists. Only together, can we achieve dental practice and community harmony.

In order to effectively fight the wet blanket of anti social dentistry, we need to share our stories of success, communicate our dreams and fears, and take an active role in making the dental landscape a better place for future generations.

We must do this in order to lift this groundswell of oral health education – and participation – to levels never before dreamed of, levels never thought possible.

We ask for your hand in partnership, together we can change the world…together. One busted, broken, chipped, or fang-shaped incisor at a time.

Ok, we’re here to have fun too.

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