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Are Dental X-Rays Frying Our Brains?

Posted on April 22, 2012 | in Dental Care | by

Yeah it’s the dental x-rays for sure – but we should definitely keep yapping away on that micro Bluetooth earpiece while standing in line at the grocery store.

And we should all be diligent in maintaining a solid 2-6 hours of daily mobile phone curls.

Sounds like a mobile enhanced exercise plan right?

We’d venture to say that our diet has a lot to do with our oral health, but then again maybe it doesn’t.

Who says, and where is the proof?

Can we supply you with links and referenced footnotes supporting the diet and dental health connection claim – yes, but what’s it worth to you – just because we read it somewhere doesn’t mean it’s true, right?

Maybe we really can eat and drink whatever we want without having to worry about such trivial things as optimal oral health, or heart disease, or childhood obesity, or any other health and wellness related frivolity.

Defenders of Toothopolis

Our dentists damn oral cancer and curse the cavity creeps on the regular; but what do they get for all their hard work?
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Recent news from the American Cancer Society alarmed dentists and patients alike.
According to their website
A new study has found that people diagnosed with meningioma, a tumor of the lining covering the brain, are more likely to report that they’ve received certain types of dental x-rays in the past.
What does that mean exactly?

The study does not prove that dental x-rays cause these tumors; much more research would be needed to determine that. And experts say the finding does not change the recommendation to have x-rays only when necessary.

The study was published online April 10, 2012 in the journal Cancer.

Good thing that dental health news was released last week, because without such scientific reports from reputable public health associations, the general public would be way misinformed – or at least under informed!

If you’re still not picking up the social dental-centric sarcasm here, click over and read the report for yourself – and see if you notice any wonky scientific research…or at least the way in which the information was presented.

Then click over to see what The Dental Warrior has to say about the whole dental x-rays causing brain tumor question.

He may be outspoken – wouldn’t you be if your profession was dogged out like that?

Headlines Are Meant to Attract Attention…But Who Should We Believe?

It’s a matter of terminology, context, and statistics; our best bet (as dental patients) is to talk to our dentists.

Go figure.

If we need the skinny on dental x-rays possibly causing brain tumors, we can:

– Open the dialogue with our dentists.
– Do the research and educate ourselves.
– Trust our instincts and make up our own minds based on our research & conversations with our doctors.

We need to ask our dentists their opinion on the controversial x-ray to brain tumor research is – then shut up and listen.

Dentists have been dealing with x-ray phobic questions for as long as they’ve been practicing, and they know our personal dental health history better than we do lots of times.

If we’re concerned about what he said, she said, or what the news says – ask your local dental health expert!

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