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Around the Tooth & Below the Gums, Look out Creeps Here it Comes!

Posted on March 28, 2012 | in Dental Care | by

No, we’re not talking mouthwash overindulgence, but isn’t it funny – or at least marginally amusing, sort of – how sometimes even the most basic oral health care practices like brushing & flossing, are incorrectly applied.
How many times have we sat through the dental chaise lecture highlighting the finer points of circular brushing, regular flossing, and proper toothbrush maintenance?

The question isn’t how many times we have endured the dental sit-down cross-examination presentation amalgamation…no.

The question is how often do we practice what the dentist – and RDH – preaches?

If the answer isn’t every day, just like keeping our eyes on our own paper…we’re only cheating ourselves. We better start sweating our dental flossing technique and quit wasting time…

With the interest of getting back to basics, keeping it simple, and passing go to save a couple hundred dollars every year on dental visits, we thought a dental floss reminder in order.

How’s your C-effect?

Aside from the intended application, anyone out there have any Pinterest-worthy uses for dental floss?

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