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Casting Call for NY Fashion Week!

Posted on September 16, 2010 | in Dental Humor | by

Don’t let that gap toothed smile stop you from strutting your stuff on the runway…The Wall Street Journal recently reported a gap-toothed smile is the latest in fashion forward chic.

We’ll climb aboard, positive self-image and high self-esteem sounds good to us. And who could argue with some of the most well-respected fashionistas in the biz?

Certainly not any dentist!

The article (which can be found in its entirety here) goes on to mention how the “imperfect” is appealing, and the fashion world is on the lookout for “characters.” Also mentioned were other distinguishing characteristics in demand this season – tattoos, piercings, scars and even albino coloring.

We don’t know about any albino coloring, but if you’re not so fashion forward as to covet a gap toothed smile, ask us about some simple fixes next time you’re in the office.

We know what the next question will be…

Here is the link to the complete WSJ article where we first saw this story:

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