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A Horse Walks Into A Dental Office…

A Horse Walks Into A Dental Office… TAGS: | | | Who knew equine dentistry was such an exploding field? That’s no punch line either, according to this recent news story out of Texas – well the video is from Florida …Continue reading →

Loose Tooth Removal: Which DIY Video Do You Prefer? TAGS: | | |   2 Creative Ways to Remove a Child’s Loose Tooth With thoughts of turkey and football over-indulgence winning out over any dental-centric health news this shortened Thanksgiving week, we simply …Continue reading →

Dentists Stealing Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween ~ Are Local Dentists Stealing Candy from Kids? TAGS: | | | | Reports of dentists bribing kids for their trick-or-treat bounties are running rampant this Halloween. Factions of opportunistic dentists continue to harass local neighborhood kids in an effort to ultimately to …Continue reading →

texting dentist psa

What Texting While Driving Has in Common with a Texting Dentist? TAGS: | | The following is a public service announcement of dental humor juxtaposed over a driving while texting message. While some of the material may be too graphic for some viewers, according …Continue reading →

No Kiss Diss With TheraBreath

Can Bad Breath Lead to More than Just a Kiss Diss? TAGS: | | Bad Breath Makes You Unkissable Bad breath (aka halitosis) can be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes it’s the garlic, onion, and ginger infused raging inferno of white-hot curry …Continue reading →

Top 5 Dental Health Kissability Tips for Valentine’s Day TAGS: | We all remember our first kiss, and one thing is certain no matter how exciting or horrible it may have been; we’d still know if bad breath was the kiss …Continue reading →

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