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Top Dental Health iPhone & Android Apps – as of April 26, 2012 TAGS: | | When most of us think of mobile apps, we think of something to save us money – like GasBuddy, or maybe just something frivolous to entertain us – like Angry …Continue reading →


Does Your Toothbrush Have an App? TAGS: | | It may be true that 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed who recommend gum would recommend Trident® to their patients who chew gum…but what does that have to do with …Continue reading →

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How We Can Win $25,000 from Crest & Oral B by Showing Off Our Healthy Smiles TAGS: | | | | | The subject of interpersonal communications has been discussed in every forum from Psychology journals supported by research, to the blogosphere supported by conjecture; what we’ve been told is, 93% of …Continue reading →

Missing a Tooth?…Press PRINT TAGS: | | We’ve heard of teeth whitening performed by sophisticated lasers, and we now know there are at least five dental-specific apps available on your mobile device du jour. So what is …Continue reading →

BBQ Block Party Hangover? TAGS: | | | By the time a nice mid-summer 3-day weekend rolls around, we’re ready to take full advantage. Block parties were bountiful, fireworks shows were enjoyable, and time with friends & family …Continue reading →

Growing New Teeth from Dental Stem Cells? TAGS: | | | According the always visible and mostly reliable Wikipedia, stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide through mitosis and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types …Continue reading →

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