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Children’s Dental Health Book Review: Teddy Gets a Filling

Posted on May 9, 2013 | in Dental Products, Dentistry for Kids | by

We’re all for spreading some social dental news when we come across it, doesn’t matter if it’s Lindsay Lohan’s latest trip to the dentist or more serious oral health subjects such as oral cancer, kids tooth decay, or how oral health is connected to overall health.

With social dentistry being all the rave these days, how alarming is it that kids tooth decay is the #1 chronic childhood disease here in the United States?

It’s at least mostly preventable, right? Social dentistry is all the rave, correct?

Maybe parents just need some more children’s dental health teaching aides to combat the epidemic of kid’s tooth decay – digital or otherwise…

Teddy is Back but He’s Not Better than Before

Children's Dental Health Book ReviewTeddy Gets a Filling is the second children’s dental health book in the Teddy Visits the Dentist series written by Registered Dental Hygienist Elizabeth Mahadeo RDH.
Last time we had the pleasure of thumbing through Teddy’s dental health trials & tribulations we received great fanfare from even the most dentally disinterested albeit diminutive target audience.
Author & Registered Dental Hygienist, Elizabeth Mahadeo RDH draws on her more than 15 years of experience on the clinical side of the children’s dental health & kids tooth decay problem – actually treating, educating, & interacting with kids in the dental chair everyday – to expertly illustrate what it’s like to get a cavity filled, from a child’s perspective.

As adults we may think we know how to “fool” our kids into going to their dental appointments or bribe them with promises of ice cream, increased video game usage, or flat-out fiduciary fringe benefits.

Teddy Gets a Filling

What this children’s dental health book, Teddy Gets a Filling, does is a great job of not fooling – or sugar-coating – anything about children’s dental health or getting a cavity filled.

Rather, Elizabeth walks us through in expert detail the routine-no-big-deal-to -be -made-more-than-we-make-it-for-our-kids process of a children’s dental appointment to get a cavity filled with gentle terminology & warm expressively eye-catching illustrations.

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Who could possibly be afraid of a whistle?

And the magic blue flashlight; that immediately intrigued the kids we tested Teddy Gets a Filling on, even more than how the dentist can make our teeth fall asleep!

It was like they immediately understood sugar bugs were bad, and by not taking care of our teeth at home we would have to go see a nice dentist like Dr. Dentin to get them scrubbed off our teeth.

Our lead character, Teddy – a comely looking lad of a bear – takes the lead here and gives us a step by step breakdown of what it looks, smells, sounds, tastes, and feels like to get a cavity filled – or the sugar bugs scrubbed.

In our brief experience dissecting children’s dental health books & ranting on aimlessly about kids tooth decay, the best thing about Teddy Gets a Filling was how the detailed but easy to follow story gets their tiny wheels turning about their next trip to the dentist – in a good way.

No bribery (or extortion depending upon the perspective), no deal-making that would have Kissinger wanting to get a root canal, no big hoo ha… just beneficial social dental infotainment at its best!

Elizabeth Mahadeo RDH takes children’s dental health & kids tooth decay educational awareness right past parent’s perceptions, to plant the story of how fun and rewarding optimal oral health can be at any age in the hearts & minds of our children with Teddy Gets a Filling

What’ll it be sleepy juice or happy air the next time you’re up for a filling fix?

Do yourself and your children a favor, grab Teddy Gets a Filling & Teddy Visits the Dentistso your child knows what to expect during their next appointment – whether any sugar bugs need scrubbing & teeth need sleeping…or not.

Teddy Gets a Filling & visit Elizabeth Mahadeo’s author page.

Elizabeth Mahadeo is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Author and Your Healthy Life Leader. She is striving to compassionately help you and your family to make educated choices about your oral health so you’ll have positive and peaceful experiences at the dental office.

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