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Children’s Dental Health Book: Teddy Visits the Dentist

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Children’s Dental Health Month has come and passed, we’re already very well entrenched in promoting the Spring Cleaning digital dental health message. But just because it isn’t National Children’s Dental Health month doesn’t mean we need to stop broadcasting some kid-centric dental reading material when we come across it.

Getting our kids to the dentist is a big deal for children’s oral health and overall health, tooth decay is America’s #1 chronic childhood disease.
Parents set positive examples of dental hygiene, communicate the importance of flossing, and demonstrate proper brushing technique 2x 2mins per day but sometimes kids still don’t get the message. Sometimes it’s not such an easy task to get our kids to the dentist, parents need some dental help.

Whether we’re talking the latest in dental-centric apps, a bluetooth enabled toothbrush , or those old-fashioned things kids these days call books, parents have an array of aides to teach proper dental hygiene and make getting to and through kid’s dental appointments easier.


Enter Teddy & His Visit to the Dentist

Teddy Visits the Dentist is a great dental-centric children’s book brought to us by Elizabeth Mahadeo, RDH. This is Elizabeth’s first book in a series of educational children’s books, having spent the past 15 years working clinically in dental offices with both children and adults.

This first book in the series, Teddy Visits the Dentist , is a great read for children and parents alike. It’s an entertaining and educational story that gets children interested quickly and keeps them that way until the end.

Elizabeth found a great formula between the captivating crayon illustrations that perfectly complement the descriptive simple text and easy to read style, the kids we shared it with certainly seemed to respond.

We field tested it just to be sure, and what topic of conversation do you think came up more than once after that first initial test-run?

A barrage of dental specific questions that would surely stump even the most tooth telling troops. Anything that gets our kids engaged in their own dental health is a benefit to parents.

Teddy Visits the Dentist simply but eloquently describes a trip to the dental office for a routine checkup and cleaning. From the get-go Elizabeth points out a fun positive connection to going to the dentist for kids – Teddy has been eagerly anticipating his dental visit to get his teeth counted, cleaned, and checked.

This children’s dental health book is an easy to follow pleasure to read step by step walk through from first reception impression through dental chaise lounge chair excitement examination on through to the thumbs up gold star grand prize.

Sit back in the space chair, get a spin, dip, floss, slathering of fluoride and out the door without so much as a whimper. Read Teddy to your kids tonight and see what happens on your child’s next dental appointment.

Teddy Visits the Dentist stood out as a children’s dental health aide that has the tangible pleasure of turning pages combined with a great story and extremely detailed perfect crayon illustrations. A book that certainly seemed visually and intellectually interesting to children, the iPad© got thrown to the side as Teddy earned top billing.

Teddy Visits the Dentist brings our children on an enjoyably comfortable nothing to be afraid of ride thanks the gentle hands and instructive ways of Miss Molar and the examining eyes but probably mostly gift giving prowess of Dr. Dentin.

Elizabeth goes a step further with great bonus illustrations for our kids pointing out the names and locations of children’s teeth while also examining the tooth layers – great educational stuff!

Do yourself and your children a favor, grab Teddy Visits the Dentist so your child knows what to expect during their next appointment.

Buy Teddy Visits the Dentist on Amazon & visit Elizabeth Mahadeo’s author page.

Elizabeth Mahadeo is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Author and Your Healthy Life Leader. She is striving to compassionately help you and your family to make educated choices about your oral health so you’ll have positive and peaceful experiences at the dental office.

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