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Different but the Same…

Posted on November 23, 2010 | in Dental Care | by

…The same, but different. And so it goes with snowflakes, and so it goes with dentists!

Here’s a quick list of questions and info you can either ask for yourself, or pass on to family and friends. In our experience this information tends to quickly separate the dentistry pack out there and makes for a better match between patient long term care and practice culture. Simply asking these questions, illustrates that you are serious about taking an active role in your long-term health and wellness.

  1. Experience, in what and how much – It’s like seeing gray hair in the left seat as you board the plane…In dentists, as in pilots, always choose experience.
  2. How long has the staff been part of the practice – If they can’t stand it, you probably won’t stand for the level of care.
  3. Any particular practice area of expertise or advanced training – Do you know what’s involved with a dental implant? That’s why you need to ask!
  4. How about ongoing education and new technology – Are we talking well water, spittoon, and foot crank drill; or is the practice more reminiscent of a Star Trek 2.0?
  5. What do their existing patients say, how about some before and after pics – We all trust what our families and friends tell us, and we all love to see proof!

Now go forth and share!

Do yourself a favor, and help out a friend that might be in search of a trustworthy, qualified, and personable dentist. And if you know a particular out of this world dental practice that surely would appreciate your positive word of mouth, by all means shout it from the rooftops!

Or just leave us a nice little comment on our wall, we know “the dentist” isn’t your top Facebook friend. But we want to be.

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