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Does Your Dentist Talk Too Much?

Posted on May 5, 2015 | in Dental Humor | by

See How to Deal with a Chatty Dentist

We’ve all been there…your dentist is what seems like shoulder deep in your mouth when they start asking questions.

So, how’s the family?
Have you been flossing daily?
How does my wristwatch feel on the back of your throat?
Yada, yada, yada…

These aren’t some obscure, rhetorical, meaning of life type questions requiring a simple yes or no answer, no.

These talkative tooth jocks ask questions they actually expect an answer to, all while they’re busy scraping, shaping, & spelunking their way through our mouths.

And while for us it’s darn near impossible to muster up any type of audibly accurate answers, our Chatty Cathy dentists – much to their credit – do seem to actually understand what HE double hockey sticks we’re saying in reply.

But what if you’re an anxious dental patient, would rather zone-out on music – or nitrous, or would just plain rather skip the dental terminology education while someone is probing your mouth with sharp, pointy metal instruments?

Let your dentist (and hygienist) know how you really feel…

Take This “Talking Dentist” Survey & Tell Us How You Really Feel

Don’t worry, it’s only three questions…and it comes to us courtesy of Baseline Dental Practice in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

You think the friendly folks at Baseline Dental care about their patients? You BET they do!

Just by caring enough to ask the tough questions dentists (and hygienists) may not want to hear, patients of this social savvy practice can rest assured that they’re in good hands.



A Dentist Who Asks Questions Is a Dentist Who Cares

Make no mistake, we love our dentists – whether they’re chatty, loquacious, from time to time we all poke fun at the ones we love!

Now we certainly don’t mind if our trusted dentists layoff the lurid loquaciousness reminiscent of say a Dr. Tim Whatley, but we’d surely all fall asleep if we had to endure the vapid verboseness of a hyper-detailed play-by-play account of what’s going on in our mouths.

No wait, sleeping in the dental chair?…Now THAT sounds like the ultimate compliment any dentist could receive.

Whether your dentists talks too much or not, let’s not lose focus of the most important thing – actually sitting in the dental chair & seeing the dentist (and hygienist) means we’re taking proper care of our teeth and gums!

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