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Does Your Toothbrush Have an App?

Posted on April 15, 2012 | in Dental Products | by

It may be true that 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed who recommend gum would recommend Trident® to their patients who chew gum…but what does that have to do with Apple® and Android®?

And what about the dentists that don’t recommend gum, would an ordinary slice of Big Red® or a single sliver of Juicy Fruit® every now and again really do that much harm to our collective oral health?

Too many trademarks for us…besides, our bologna still has a first name over here.Click Here for Discount Dental Care
But seriously, we’re not here to debate chewing gum preferences or even how sugarless is a healthier gum-chewing alternative; we’ll leave that to the Catalina land barons, East India Royal remake chocolatiers, and our trusted family dentists.
If we haven’t lost you yet, the breaking news story we’re skirting around here is all about a new Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush. With the help of the accompanying mobile app, this cutting-edge toothbrush can actually monitor our personal brushing habits and then provide instant feedback on how we could brush up on our tooth brushing skills.

No matter our chosen mobile platform du jour we can all rest easy knowing by the time this trendy techno whizbang doohickey of a Bluetooth toothbrush makes its way onto shelves – and virtual shopping carts – both Android and Apple versions of the accompanying Blue Bluetooth Toothbrush app will be available to consumers.

For more info on what we think is the first Bluetooth enabled toothbrush, complete with its own Android app (iPhone coming soon) check out the video below – but you should first click over to Beam Technologies, the company producing this groundbreaking digital oral health weapon we can soon add to our personal dental health arsenal.

We share the mission of mobilizing, digitizing, and socializing our collective dental health.

When it comes to optimal oral health with a digital mobile jumpstart, are you going to be an early adapter or a Johnny-come-lately?

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