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Eat This Not That for Optimal Oral Health

Posted on September 5, 2012 | in Dental Care | by

Slosh some sugary slurry over those chompers and nosh on some rock candy and watch the cavity creeps make some holes in our teeth.

Eat This Not That for Optimal Oral Health

What we eat not only has a direct impact on our collective expanding waistlines, or our cholesterol numbers, energy levels, sleeping patterns, blood pressure, and risk for heart disease, among other overall health maladies.

The foods and beverages we sometimes habitually indulge in have a significant impact on the health of our teeth and gums too. Gum disease and tooth decay probably being the most obvious results of a poor diet combined with less than optimal oral health habits.
Whether we habitually eat clean or not, many times, the first signs of unnatural systemic health conditions reveal themselves in changes within the oral cavity.

Seem obvious enough, before that triple Baconator slathered in mayo and BBQ sauce has a chance to harden the arteries, it’s already doing quite a number on the teeth and gums.

That’s just physics..or is it chemistry?

We don’t know much about biology, but since snacking season is upon us, here are some snacks that are good for our dental health – the American Academy of General Dentistry says so.

Always keep your mouth moist by drinking lots of water. Saliva protects both hard and soft oral tissues. If you have a dry mouth, supplement your diet with sugarless candy or gum to stimulate saliva.

Foods that cling to your teeth promote tooth decay. So when you snack, avoid soft, sweet, sticky foods such as cakes, candy and dried fruits. Instead, choose dentally healthy foods such as:

– Nuts
– Raw vegetables
– Plain yogurt
– Cheese
– Sugarless gum or candy

When you eat fermentable carbohydrates, such as crackers, cookies and chips, eat them as part of your meal, instead of by themselves.

Combinations of foods neutralize acids in the mouth and inhibit tooth decay. For example, enjoy cheese with your crackers.

Are chicken wings with carrots & celery an acceptable combination?
When is snacking season not upon us?
Is beer fermentable carbohydrates?

Got any other lesser known noshables that won’t ruin our quest for optimal oral health?

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