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Emergency Dental Visits Skyrocket After St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 16, 2015 | in Dental Holiday Health | by

Dental Emergencies as a Result of St. Patrick’s Day

Across the country on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, dentists see a 64% increase in emergency dental visits.

That’s a pretty big jump considering most of us aren’t bar brawling hooligans out to paint the town green…or are we?

Emergency Dental Visits Spike the Day After St. Patrick's Day

Why the Day After St. Patrick’s Day for So Many Emergency Dental Visits?

As if we really need to ponder that one.

The most obvious cause for St. Paddy’s day resulting in more emergency dental visits than any other day would most likely be one (or several) too many Jameson Juleps or green beers – accompanied of course with generally being out in public, and probably not erring on the side of discretion.

According to the statistics referenced from the NBC News video you can watch below, dentists see a 64% increase in emergency dental visits the day after St. Patrick’s Day because people are behaving badly…and getting their teeth knocked out!

The data goes on to show how nearly ten states have more than a one hundred per cent increase in emergency dental visits the day after St. Paddy’s Day.

And that’s not just some pot of gold statistic plucked from a garden of four-leaf clovers.


Is Your State on the List?

We’re looking at your Massachusetts & New York!

In all seriousness, Delaware actually tops the list with the most emergency visits to the dentist after St. Patrick’s Day.

But don’t mess with Texas…women that is…it seems in the Lone Star state, “women behave just as badly as men in most American states.”

That’s a real quote ladies and gentlemen, we can’t even make this stuff up even for some easy pickinsholiday humor about emergency dental visits spiking the day after St. Patrick’s Day.

And it seems the Green Mountain state must be the most peaceful of all since Vermont is the only state that actually sees less dental visits requiring emergency treatment the next day, a 35% decrease.

So can we deduce by that dental health driven data that Vermont residents actually smile more than any other state?

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