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Genetic Test for Gum Disease?

Posted on September 8, 2010 | in Dental Care | by

With the growing public awareness of gum disease problems surrounding pregnancies, and leading to more systemic complications such as; heart disease, diabetes, and stroke…we’ve decided to shed some light on new findings out of the University of Michigan.

Recap: Yes, gum disease – if ignored or not properly treated – can lead to a boatload of other health issues.

William Giannobile, professor at University of Michigan dentistry and director of the Michigan Center for Oral Health Research at the School of Dentistry, will head one of the largest clinical studies assessing the risk of gum disease through genetic testing.

The professor leading the study had this to say:

‘It’s an exciting study because it’s a way to use genetic testing to personalize a dental treatment plan and the frequency of dental care visits of patients as it relates to oral care,’ said Giannobile. ‘It’s a way to customize patient care.’[1]

We’re all about more customization!

And even if you’re an Ohio State fan, you can surely appreciate Big Blue contributing to the dental health world.

For more on the gum disease genetic testing study, please visit:–Oral-health-Genetic-test-to-help-predict-gum-disease

We’re not sure if there’s an app for that…but we envision one in the future!

PS – If you have any questions on gum disease and how it relates to your overall health, please take some time to educate yourself – or just ask us on your next office visit, or post your question to our Facebook page, or call us, or email. You know the…drill.

And if you’re really interested to learn more, like kid in a candy store interested – we’ll do our best to provide you with some reading material in the near future. But a quick Google search of “oral systemic dentistry” or “gum disease” should start your quest for knowledge.

[1] “Genetic Test to Help Predict Gum Disease” ––Oral-health-Genetic-test-to-help-predict-gum-disease

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