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Happy Halloween ~ Are Local Dentists Stealing Candy from Kids?

Posted on October 31, 2012 | in Dental Humor | by

Reports of dentists bribing kids for their trick-or-treat bounties are running rampant this Halloween. Factions of opportunistic dentists continue to harass local neighborhood kids in an effort to ultimately to satisfy their sweet tooth – or teeth.

Probably the most infamously successful strategies employed by these sugar-charged tooth jockeys is the so-called Candy Buy Back programs aimed at separating kid from candy.

One thing these cloak and dagger acts that trick kids out of their treats have in commons is using the most universally alluring incentives known to adults and kids alike – cold hard cash. Some neighborhoods are seeing bounties as high as $2 per pound in this cash for candy ring.

Dentists Stealing Kids Candy on Halloween!

See How This Somerset NJ Dentist Is Duping Kids

Signs to look for in these plundering dentists include foaming at the mouth, dentists too shy to remove their masks, and big signs promising cash for candy outside local dental offices.

The more openly opportunistic candy crazed dentists have brazenly taken advantage of this most dental consumer-friendly time of year to shout across the airwaves via radio & TV, all in a desperately dubiously dental dupe to recruit our innocent little unwilling participants.

These dentists may even go so far as to send us something in the mail – or email – asking for our kids’ diligently acquired confectionery concocted donation.

As usual the dental social media airwaves have been abuzz with this candy coated news as Facebook and Twitter are proving to be useful tools these dentists deploy from their local candy acquisition arsenal.

The good news is these ghastly glucose powered gastronomic dental ghouls should start to sink back into the shadows within the next couple of weeks.

And even if it’s after Halloween, we can still give back by taking that leftover candy and donating it to help supply some sweet-tooth satisfaction thanks to Operation Gratitude & the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program!

Check out some interesting dental health numbers for you to crunch on this Halloween, courtesy of The Smile Generation®.

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