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Help the Chicago White Sox and Little Leaguers Spit Tobacco Out of the Park!

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Oral Health America’s NSTEP® program (National Spit Tobacco Education Program) is teaming up with the Chicago White Sox and Little League International to promote its 10th annual slogan contest. How can you get involved?

We can all help spread awareness about the dangers of smokeless tobacco in baseball and promote optimal oral health by getting every Little Leaguer we know to come up with their own slogan, and enter the contest.

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According to the website, NSTEP®’s mission is to prevent people, especially young people, from starting to use smokeless (or spit) tobacco, and to help all users quit. Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks is partnering with NSTEP® and Little League to promote the message that “smokeless does not mean harmless.”

Now in its tenth year of a partnership with Little League, NSTEP® sponsors a slogan contest for all Little League players, annually reaching over 16 million children and families with tobacco avoidance messages.

Hurry, the contest began April 1, 2011 and all entries must be received by July 1, 2011.

Click here for official rules and sign-up info. If your Little Leaguer wins, your local Little League wins too. Last year’s winner was Eli Kruse, a 12-year-old Little League Baseball player with the Woodstock, IL. Little League.

Eli’s winning entry…“Be a hitter, not a spitter—don’t chew tobacco!

Bravo Eli!

“In addition to being thrilled and proud of Eli’s slogan, we are equally delighted that the contest provided an opportunity for our family to discuss the harms of tobacco,” said Eli’s parents, Herb and Jen Kruse.

If you think you can do better than Eli, grab your entry forms here.

-SOURCE for all this info, facts, and figures: If you like this contest, you should ‘Like’ their Facebook Page here.

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