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3 Ways Nancy Grace Gets Her Twins to the Dentist

Posted on February 23, 2012 | in Dental Care, Dentistry for Kids | by

Well we guess that’s assumptive isn’t it?

Aside from answering a question with two questions, why would we need to get our kids to the dentist?

One thing we can be sure about, getting two kids to the dentist has to be exponentially more difficult than getting one child to their dental appointment!

Sometimes it is necessary to gently push, prod, or cajole our little bundles of joy – particularly when they’re not being such bundles of joy, especially when it comes to a dental appointment.

Listen to how Nancy Grace does it, and listen for the 3 main ingredients:


The Dora book mentioned in the video is, “Show Me Your Smile” A Visit to the Dentist, click the link to check it out at Simon & Schuster.

Therein lies the educational tack Mrs. Grace took with her twins – a brilliant but often overlooked foundational element in the cavity creep battle plan.

We need to educate our kids about developing optimal oral health habits. Over and over and over again. Aside from education, all kids need a good solid dose of fear once in a while too. Sometimes again and again and again…and again, but now we’re getting off topic.

Induce Fear

Sometimes in our vigor to promote such beneficial oral health habits, maybe sometime we just need to cut right down to it and give it to the kids straight…by scaring the living daylights out of them!

Nice fear tactic Nancy – poor children’s dental health leads to looking like a pirate without teeth!

Be careful with this one, not all of us possess the verbal communication skills akin to a trial lawyer or television host for that matter. Some kids want to be pirates, yes…but it’s all in the delivery. We must deliver with confidence or the kids will jump all over our lack of it!


Here’s the kicker, Nancy Grace found a game-changing kid-friendly (pedodontist) online. The dentist in question did a great job of communicating some kid-friendly benefits available in the office; things like a lego play room, a relaxing distracting fish tank, and even toothpaste that tastes like strawberries!

Deal closed.

We all need to educate our kids about optimal oral health and teach them to develop the habits necessary to care for our teeth and gums.

If you have trouble finding a kid-friendly dentist in your area, check with the experts – or click the link to search the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Got any more tips to share on getting our kids to the dentist this National Children’s Dental Health Month?

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