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How Kim Kardashian can make a Trip to the Dentist More Fun!

Posted on January 26, 2012 | in Dental Celebrities | by

In a recent tweet from the social dental archives, Kim Kardashian was quoted as saying,

We commend Ms. Kardashian’s humorous hashtag, along with her dental tweet touting her Hollywood dentist to the stars…which she also happens to share with a bunch of other celebs, including Charlie Sheen.

But we disagree…a trip to the dentist can be fun, and at least Kim didn’t have the unfortunate dental experience her celebrity cohort, Hulk Hogan, did recently when his dentist left a tack in his mouth!

Fillings Aren’t Fun

If fillings aren’t fun, then deep perio scaling, a root canal, or tooth extraction has to be downright unpleasant.


Don’t be so sure, with the array of comfort-inducing pain-abating dental patient treatment options available at our local community dentist of the citizens, we no longer need to fear the dentist.

Maybe getting a filling isn’t as fun as ride on Space Mountain but it’s better than paying taxes.

But here’s the rub, we don’t necessarily have to endure the more uncomfortable dental procedures, if we simply adhere to a manageable, cost-effective, oral health regime to ward off the cavity creeps.

Taking Care of Ourselves Feels Good…Getting Compliments is Fun

Sure, maybe the sound of the drill (or silence of the laser) is unsettling but one thing we didn’t see in Ms. Kardashian’s dental tweet was the mention of any pain or discomfort.

Going to the dentist can be fun if we never have to experience the pain and discomfort associated with more advanced dental procedures…meant for treatment of more advanced dental maladies.

Take care of our teeth and gums, and our trips to the dentist will be fun!

How does it make us feel when someone mentions how great our teeth look, or how they love our smile?

Not everyone is a celebrity and not everyone has a celebrity dentist, but it sure is fun receiving compliments – and what about those lollipops, those are wicked fun!

Along with all of the patient comfort and pain remedying options available, there are also many new patient friendly advances our local community dental superheroes have at their disposal.

iPad2’s, DVDs, HDTVs, noise canceling headphones, warm fuzzy blankets, aromatherapy, teas & cappuccino’s…even canines…our dentist’s offices are becoming more like dental spas and less like medieval tooth torture chambers.

When all is said and done, we can only blame ourselves if going to the dentist isn’t fun.

Take care of our teeth, they’ll take care of us…then we can all start having some more fun at the dentist!

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