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John Tavares is a Hockey Player…He Pulled Out His Own Tooth On The Bench

Posted on October 13, 2013 | in Sports Dentistry | by

Losing Teeth Is Standard Practice for Hockey Players

Hockey players are hardcore, check out how NY Islanders Captain John Tavares removed his own tooth on the bench.

From this side of the glass to those uninitiated with the sport, hockey must sometimes seem like a difficult game to follow where there are very big men chasing each other around armed with blades on their feet and sticks in their hands.

New York Islanders Captain John Tavares Plays Dentist By Yanking His Own Tooth

John Tavares is the face of the New York Islanders, their top offensive weapon…and he pulled his own tooth on the bench after taking a puck to the mouth in their recent game against Chicago.

New York Islanders Captain John Tavares is known for his quick feet and quicker stick, and now we can add some more grit to the Isles star’s grist mill building off last year’s playoff appearance.

After taking a 3″ diameter 1″ thick piece of frozen vulcanized rubber off the chops at about 5:28 into the second period, Tavares calmly skated to the bench and manually removed a loose tooth as a result of the puck to the face fracas along the boards.

John Tavares Plays Dentist By Yanking His Own Toothf

Image via CSN Chicago

BTW – he didn’t miss a shift.

We are proud to report Tavares was indeed wearing a mouthguard at the time.

Let’s Go Islanders!

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