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Laundry List?

Posted on September 28, 2010 | in Dental Humor | by

Dentists can preach until the cows come home, oral health this, gum disease that – but what does it all mean?

We get yearly physicals, check-ups, exams, tests, medications…yet our teeth come second, or even sixth?

We all know there’s no points for second place…and it pays to be a winner…and if you‘re not first your last – so why do we continue to fight a losing battle?

Why do we miss dental appointments, why do we sometimes wait years – until we actually start to feel unbearable pain – to pay the dentist a visit? Why do your teeth (never mind breath, smile, self-confidence…etc.) take a backseat to our appearance when the two are directly related?

If you’re one of those people who neglects their loving, caring, generous, good-looking, humorous, and all around great person that just so happens to be a dentist – Tell us what you think, we promise not to make you go stand in the corner. There may even be something in it for you in the way of a dental exam (if that doesn’t get the fun meter rockin’ we don’t know what will).

At the very least, entertain us – you’re already here. What’s your number one reason for not keeping up with regular dental visits?

We’re on to more unscientific research, humor us – goodness knows we’re not capable of doing it ourselves. Please submit your comments, questions, or snide remarks – along with number one reasons for making your dentist feel as if they‘re not important in your life.

(shame on you!)

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