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Loose Tooth Removal: Which DIY Video Do You Prefer?

Posted on November 21, 2012 | in Dental Humor, Dentistry for Kids | by

2 Creative Ways to Remove a Child’s Loose Tooth

With thoughts of turkey and football over-indulgence winning out over any dental-centric health news this shortened Thanksgiving week, we simply look to showcase a couple all too often overlooked methods of tooth extraction…the family dog, and the Nerf® gun.

Enjoy these two short videos, and then vote on which one you think takes the tooth!

Is Clancy the first Dog Dentist?

Tooth Removal by Clancy the Cairns Terrier… Or is he a Westie, or Sheltie…he’s certainly not a Yorkie…

Tooth Removal by Nerf® Gun

Love the super-slow motion replay!!

So which is it, the doggie dentist or the Nerf® gun toting pre-teen?

Leave a comment and let us know – or share some other interesting, funny, or even disgusting tooth removal videos you may have come across in the recent past.

We feel a Facebook contest coming on, but first – turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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