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Solar Powered Toothbrush?

Posted on September 3, 2010 | in Dental Humor | by

We were only kidding with the Jetsons question, but this one is right out of the future…but it’s here now.

Futuristic stuff is going down at the University of Saskatchewan. A dentistry professor emeritus there, and the Dean of the College of Dentistry have teamed up with Japanese manufacturers to create the world’s first (that we know of) solar powered toothbrush. And get this, it doesn’t even require toothpaste – instead, electrons do the job.

We don’t know whether these solar powered toothbrushes will advance dental care for the average person, or simply offer another alternative. The jury is still out, in fact according to Alyssa Danigelis of Discovery News, testing is to begin shortly on a group of willing teenagers.

Testing on teenagers…now there is something.

This is the first thing we thought of with the electron cleansing toothbrush, and now we can’t get that commercial out of our heads:


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