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How Kim Kardashian can make a Trip to the Dentist More Fun! TAGS: | | In a recent tweet from the social dental archives, Kim Kardashian was quoted as saying, A day at the dentist is never fun! Well unless it’s with Dr. Kevin Sands! …Continue reading →

Can Your Dentist Throw a Knuckleball? TAGS: | | | | | | | Dentists are getting lots of pub these days. From Verizon and Angieslist commercials to the Sunday Edition of the NY Times; it’s good to be a dentist in these days …Continue reading →

Are You a Glee Fan? TAGS: | | We are, now. It’s about time Hollywood took care to craft the average (male) dentist in a realistic, everyday light. We’re sure you’ll all agree, it’s a welcome and refreshing …Continue reading →

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