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The Top 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Go to the Dentist TAGS: | | We’ve heard all sorts of reasons for people canceling their dental appointment – from the dog at my car alarm clicker and I can’t get in, to we just had …Continue reading →

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Different but the Same… TAGS: | | | …The same, but different. And so it goes with snowflakes, and so it goes with dentists! Here’s a quick list of questions and info you can either ask for yourself, …Continue reading →

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What’s Your Favorite Brain Food? TAGS: | Everyone loves lists, so we had the journalism staff over here conduct some tireless – albeit unscientific – research for your viewing pleasure. And we figured with healthcare on everyone’s …Continue reading →

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Laundry List? TAGS: | | Dentists can preach until the cows come home, oral health this, gum disease that – but what does it all mean? We get yearly physicals, check-ups, exams, tests, medications…yet our …Continue reading →

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