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The Dental Care Reform Act of 2012

What is The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012? TAGS: | | While we will continue to explore the topics of politics in dentistry, the current state of our uninsured dental health union, and the connections between oral health and overall health …Continue reading →

Fat America with Poor Dental Health

News Flash – America is Fat & We Have Poor Dental Health TAGS: We love blue jeans, pop culture, and fast food; but we hate going to the dentist.   Even if these aren’t the only stereotypes thrust upon the collective dental going …Continue reading →

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Who Are the Stalwart Defenders of Toothopolis? TAGS: |   Who is responsible for defending the nation’s teeth and gums against decay and disease?   Our trusted neighborhood dentists, that’s who.   Despite their acute observations and relentless diligence …Continue reading →


Why Would You Subscribe to Your Dentist’s Blog? TAGS: | | | Generally speaking, we walk around day to day totally clueless. We’re not talking about impending doom from asteroids or even cataclysmic climate change, no. We have plenty of easy to …Continue reading →

top_5_questions_to_ask_when_searching_for a_new_dentist

Top 5 Questions to Ask in Your Search for a New Dentist – Part Deux TAGS: | | | | | | | | Searching for a new dentist can be prompted by lots of variables, depending on where we’re at in life. For some of us, moving to a new town or city has …Continue reading →

How do Swimming Pools Pose a Risk to Public Health? TAGS: | | | | | | A recent story from, by way of the NYU College of Dentistry, identified improperly maintained swimming pools as a cause in severe and rapid erosion of dental enamel. The …Continue reading →

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