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Children’s Dental Health Book: Teddy Visits the Dentist TAGS: | | | |   Children’s Dental Health Month has come and passed, we’re already very well entrenched in promoting the Spring Cleaning digital dental health message. But just because it isn’t National Children’s …Continue reading →

What is the State of Our Dental Health Union? TAGS: | It’s not quite old news yet, unless of course you’re an app savvy dentally focused social media communications maven with light speed personalized updates and instabeam mobile network accessibility. Another …Continue reading →

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Children’s Dental Health – Super Simple Everyday Tips to Fend off the Cavity Creeps TAGS: | February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and it’s almost over. Good news is 2012 is a leap year, so we get one more day to celebrate and bring attention …Continue reading →

3 Ways Nancy Grace Gets Her Twins to the Dentist TAGS: | Well we guess that’s assumptive isn’t it? Aside from answering a question with two questions, why would we need to get our kids to the dentist? One thing we can …Continue reading →

See How Albert Pujols & Greg Biffle Get Kids to the Dentist TAGS: | In case Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Washington’s birthday, and Mardi Gras celebrations don’t monopolize your February, here’s a local children’s dental health cause we can all get …Continue reading →

Dental Role Models for National Children’s Dental Health Month TAGS: | | As parents, we sometimes overlook the exact qualities and traits we try to instill in our children. Things like not saying something if we have nothing good to say, eating …Continue reading →

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