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Does Gum Disease Inhibit Pregnancy? TAGS: | | | | | | According to a recent ScienceDaily® article highlighting another health complication related to gum disease, Professor Roger Hart told the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology …Continue reading →

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An Ounce of Prevention… TAGS: | | | | | Can actually save us money on dental care. It’s the same old story; doesn’t matter if we’re talking aluminum siding, oil changes in the car, or even proper oral health …Continue reading →

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New Research Links Periodontal Disease to Breast Cancer TAGS: | | | | | As gum disease and oral systemic dentistry research continues, it seems we are learning more everyday about how gum disease and tooth loss can negatively impact not only our oral health and appearance, but …Continue reading →

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What’s Your New Years’ Resolution? TAGS: | | For a lot of us the New Year seems to motivate us – however momentarily – to take better care of ourselves, and exercise more. Although motivation tends to wane …Continue reading →

Does Your Family Physician Talk To Your Dentist? TAGS: | | | | Probably not – so it is up to us as patients to play intermediary. We’ve been waiting for this for some time. In order for physicians to best serve our …Continue reading →

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