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Tricky Loose Tooth Removal Methods

3 Ways to Remove Your Kid’s Loose Tooth TAGS: | | | | | 3 DIY Loose Tooth Removal Videos Do you remember how much stress and energy you expended as a kid when you came to the realization that you had a loose …Continue reading →

Extreme DIY Tooth Pulling

Extreme Cheapskates Take On DIY Dentistry TAGS: | | | | | | Are You an Extreme Enough Cheapskate to Pull Your Own Tooth? There are just some things in this world that we’re better off paying a professional to do rather than …Continue reading →

Loose Tooth Removal: Which DIY Video Do You Prefer? TAGS: | | |   2 Creative Ways to Remove a Child’s Loose Tooth With thoughts of turkey and football over-indulgence winning out over any dental-centric health news this shortened Thanksgiving week, we simply …Continue reading →

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