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Toothpastes Containing Microbeads

Which Toothpastes Contain Microbeads? TAGS: | | | | | | | Plastic Microbeads In Major Brand Toothpaste And what the H E double hockey sticks are microbeads anyway? According to the ABC News report you can watch below, these plastic toothpaste …Continue reading →

How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Bursh Their Teeth on the Regular?

How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Brush Their Teeth on the Regular? TAGS: | | | We all know the deal; it’s one of the first little white lies our kids try to slip past us. “Did you brush your teeth?” “Yes.” And so it begins. For …Continue reading →

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Tell Us What You Really Think TAGS: | | What’s your favorite toothpaste? Do you floss regularly? Mouthwash? How about those disposable toothbrushes – thumbs up or thumbs down? What was one thing that bothered you about your smile …Continue reading →

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