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Teeth Dreams: What Does It All Mean?

Posted on August 12, 2010 | in Dental Humor | by

Did you ever have a dream that your teeth were falling out?

Turns out this is kind of a popular dream, after hearing this from some people we decided to do some research. Again, in the interest of full disclosure (and what little humor we can possibly aspire to), this is completely unscientific, unconfirmed research – and we use that term loosely.

According to the Internet this dream may represent feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, or general feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

We’re just glad it’s not a fear of the dentist that launches this kind of dream! If you’ve ever had this ‘teeth falling out’ dream, let us know – we are interested in conducting an in-depth, comprehensive, incredibly time-consuming study on your dental psyche.

No….not really. But do tell if you’ve had any kind of dental dream, enquiring minds want to know.

Here’s where we found the funny photo, and teeth dreams breakdown:

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