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Top Dental Health iPhone & Android Apps – as of April 26, 2012

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When most of us think of mobile apps, we think of something to save us money – like GasBuddy, or maybe just something frivolous to entertain us – like Angry Birds.

Dental health news and optimal oral health care are probably not amongst the most popular mobile app downloads on iTunes or Google Play…but it’s 2012, and we’ve entered the world of dental mobile apps.

We can now tag, download, and synch with mobile dental health app info on the fly – to both educate us as patients, and better connect us with our local dental health heroes.

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Speaking of which, you should click over to Dental Heroes to read about The Top Free iPhone Dental Apps of 2012 (So Far) & The Top Droid Dental Apps of 2012 (So Far).

We recently came across this dental-centric mobile app developed by dentists – Brush DJ.

The aim is simple, we (dental patients) don’t brush our teeth long enough – 2 mins 2x per day is the recommended daily allotment.

The Brush DJ App arms us with the social dental info to keep our teeth and gums healthy, but it also entertains us at the same time with a playlist of our favorite music to boogie while we brush!

We imagine it would be interesting to see how many more dental health apps are out by this time next year – at least to dental-centric techie types!

Any new dental health apps get launched onto the social local mobile dentistry scene over the past few days…or months?

What are some good songs to brush our teeth to?

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