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What Doggie Dental Care Can Teach Us About Dentures?

Posted on February 2, 2012 | in Gum Disease | by

Dogs Can Get Gum Disease?

Did you know 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of three have gum disease, and tartar buildup could be a contributing factor?

One DIY doggie dental care home remedy for nasty tartar build-up we’ve tried are uncooked (smoked is OK) butcher bones, they seem to work great at both cleaning teeth and freshening the dog’s breath.

With the average canine dental treatment or teeth cleaning ranging anywhere from $150-$500 in the North County San Diego area, the $3 for a few pounds of butcher bones is certainly a more cost-effective solution.

The dogs like it better too, a win-win all-in-one canine tartar fresh breath solution!

Dentures Anyone?

Too bad we can’t just rely on gnawing some bone marrow to clean our teeth and protect us from gum disease.

Although certain foods can help prevent conditions leading to gum disease or oral cancer development – particularly raspberries in addition to other fruits and vegetables – a well-balanced diet does not replace a trip to the dentist.

We’re learning more about how the state of our oral health has a direct impact on our overall state of well-being.

The same holds true for our nation of mutts, purebreds, and designer hybrids – if we ignore optimal oral health habits and don’t take steps to prevent gum disease, oral cancer, and tartar build-up, we’ll be in the same boat as our pooches!

One thing we can learn from canine dental care is this; nobody that has teeth already wants dentures!

For some honest to goodness tips to preventing gum disease and the effects on our overall health, check out this Dental Connections video brought to us by, Delta Dental of NJ.

Got any DIY doggie dental care tips to share?

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