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What is The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012?

Posted on June 18, 2012 | in Dental Care | by

The Dental Care Reform Act of 2012 While we will continue to explore the topics of politics in dentistry, the current state of our uninsured dental health union, and the connections between oral health and overall health more in the future, we’re also aware of how other stories – perhaps with a bit more teeth – might compete for the social dental headlines.

Certainly hearing what Lindsay Lohan has to say when she’s tweeting away #atthedentist or what kind of racy photos Jenny McCarthy is texting her dentist sometimes strikes our social dental nerve more so than the beneficial up to date dental health news with a social slant; no argument there.

But one thing is certain; no matter if it’s dental celebrities or drier dental health info, we need to share the social dental skinny!

Speaking of arguments, let’s bring some politics into the equation.

According to the Senator Bernie Sanders’ website, On June 7th 2012, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) introduced the most sweeping legislation ever to address the national crisis in dental care – The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012.

You can sink your teeth into the entire bill here. We’re sure you have nothing to do for the next hour.

Who has the time…we’d rather troll twitter for scintillating sassy social dental gossip, right?

Whether it’s dental care, health insurance, or fixing potholes; how many of us ever read or even understand the implications of any bill that could potentially become the law of our great land?

Guilty as charged.

Yeah, can you believe Kim Kardashian said while under the influence of nitrous oxide at her last dental appointment??

OMG! (insert baffled crooked smiley face character I don’t know how to make here)

Break it Down

Maybe you’re more Dewey Decimal than Dewey Cox, or maybe you’ve been cutting your eyeteeth reading detailed dental bureaucratese and have been not so patiently awaiting for this moment.

Or, in the event our elected officials putting the bite on America’s dental health crisis doesn’t have you gnashing your teeth digesting this most dental health driven piece of legislation, we won’t tell.

Our lips are sealed.

But we will invite you to tell us how you feel about The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012, be sure to leave a comment below if you just can’t take the idea of someone not reading what you have to say on the subject.

We’ll check up on our dental idioms, and our grammar, after all – we’ll have the time, thanks to the ADA – American Dental Association®.

Here is a link to a simpler one page outline of how The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012 covers five main components aimed at ending the oral health crisis in America by expanding dental insurance coverage, creating new access points, enhancing the workforce, improving dental health education, and funding new research.

So what’ll it be Dewey…how say you about this piece of dental health legislation?

Are you a Yea or a Nay?

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