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What is the State of Our Dental Health Union?

Posted on March 8, 2012 | in Dental Care, Dentistry for Kids | by

It’s not quite old news yet, unless of course you’re an app savvy dentally focused social media communications maven with light speed personalized updates and instabeam mobile network accessibility.

Another weak attempt at dental humor, but the health of our kids’ teeth and gums is no laughing matter.

Even though we’re on our way to Spring here in the northern half, and National Children’s Dental Health Month is behind us, we need to remain diligent in promoting optimal oral health habits to our kids.
You will see more national dental headlines in the coming days, weeks, and months, as the healthcare – and in particular the dental health care – chatter gains momentum in direct correlation with our impending elections later this year.

We’ll open up the debate with a sprinkling of politically charged dental health discord – not really, but we hope you’re paying attention.

According to this recent report from CBS News in Philadelphia, a local dentist there is seeing an increase in cavities amongst pre-school aged children.

Is this just a local Philly-centric dental scare tactic roped into a press release cloaked in a digital dental guerrilla marketing tactic, or is it Memorex?

Who knows, but we commend the dental practice – “Cavity Busters” and Dr. Josh Bresler – for taking a stand and drawing a line in the sand.

And you can’t argue with the statistics, we are failing dental health!

In the CBS article, the good doctor notes, “We have, over the past few years, seen probably 50 to 60 children every week in that pre-school age who need to be put under general anesthesia to have all 20 teeth repaired.”

We all know those creepy cavity digging tooth dwellers work day and night constantly developing new ways to probe our gum defense line and pilfer our cavity crushing supply line.

Philly is lucky to have a dentist that isn’t afraid to call out the cavity creeps!

As the city of brotherly love, we all know Philly isn’t afraid to call out anyone…even Santa Claus.

But the point remains; we can all do a better job of teaching our kids optimal oral health habits from an early age, and the dentist isn’t someone to fear.

The United States isn’t the only place where we can all contribute to help improve the state of our children’s dental health.

Similar stories have originated out of the U.K.

As quoted in this article from; Dr. Fawaz Abbas, of Tenby Dental Haven, urged parents to take responsibility for their children’s teeth, adding:

“The earlier you introduce children to the dentist, and to good oral hygiene practices, the easier it becomes.

“Regular brushing quickly becomes part of their normal routine, and visiting the dentist is seen as a regular activity, rather than something to be scared of.”

You said it doc!

When it comes to dental health habits, what do children dislike the most?

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