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Who Are the Stalwart Defenders of Toothopolis?

Posted on March 1, 2012 | in Dental Care | by

Who is responsible for defending the nation’s teeth and gums against decay and disease?
Our trusted neighborhood dentists, that’s who.
Despite their acute observations and relentless diligence in defense of optimal community oral health, sometimes dentists require the assistance of others in this never-ending battle of good vs. evil.
And believe it or not, we the people can make more of an impact when we bind together with our dentists like calculus to the gumline.

Join the fight and stand side by side with our trusted local dental health leaders!

Here are three things we can do to limit tooth decay and make sure we’re promoting optimal oral health with our kids, courtesy of this recently dug out gem of the YouTube television commercial archives.

In case that captivating cavity busting commercial got your gumption going and you missed it, here are three simple but effective everyday dental health tips that should help us take the fight to the carie causing tooth dwellers.

1. Watch treats
2. Have regular checkups
3. Brush after every meal

No matter what toothpaste we use or have used since we’re kids, Crest® has always been one of the leaders in the dissemination of dental intelligence to the masses.

Take in all sources, keep what is good and disregard the bad – and where could we possibly turn if we had a dental health question that needed an immediate answer?

You shoulda been here yesterday…or more like this past Tuesday.

Seriously, dentists from all over the country participated in an ADA/Sharecare sponsored Twitter chat. The general public was prompted to submit their dental health questions and receive expert answers directly from our trusted community dental defenders – all in real-time twitteriffic toothy titillation.

If you prefer more traditional dental health intelligence gathering methods, check out this article on how skipping a $50 dental appointment could cost us $1000s later.

The ways in which we collect and communicate beneficial dental health info is shifting, but the battlefield and theatre of oral health operations remains the same.

Are you prepared?

Got any more totally awesome dental commercials, ad campaigns, or any other tooth and gum-centric intel to share?

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